Does my child have asthma?

The number of people displaying asthmatic symptoms is currently and consistently rising, especially amongst children. Multiple factors have been identified as risk factors for the development of bronchial asthma, such as genetics, allergies or external factors (e.g. environmental substances). Even rare lung diseases can occur in conjunction with asthmatic symptoms.

Recurring cough episodes and airway inflammation with wheezing or other breathing sounds can be an early sign of bronchial asthma. An early diagnosis and rapid and individually adapted therapy can prevent complications and significantly improve a patient’s prognosis.

A precise anamnesis and extensive exploration of the patient’s medical history is an important factor to identify asthma risk factors. In his private practice, Dr. Mädel can offer you sufficient time for this.

We can offer an accurate and child-friendly measurement of pulmonary function for children beginning at the age of 5-6 years at the private practice. This diagnostic tool is essential for the initial diagnosis, as well as for monitoring therapy results.

Pre-existing allergies (both known and unknown) are a common reason for asthma.

Therefore, accurate allergy diagnostics, performed directly at the private practice, are very important for evaluating the disease.

In addition, complex diagnostic questions can be answered by performing specific examinations at the specialized outpatient clinic at the Pediatric Department of Wilhelminen Hospital Vienna. If necessary, complex radiological exams or invasive diagnostics such as flexible bronchoscopy can be provided there. For the diagnostics of rare causes of lung diseases, we collaborate with the Pediatric Department of the General Hospital/Medical University Vienna (AKH Vienna). With regard to Dr. Mädel’s collaborations, he can offer comprehensive state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapy for early childhood asthmatic complaints, manifest bronchial asthma, and other pediatric lung diseases.


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