Does my child have food allergies or atopic dermatitis?

We are facing an increasing number of patients suffering from food allergies and food intolerances. There is an abundance of information online, such as obscure online testing options and misinformation which may either lead people to attempt pointless diets or abstain from necessary ones.

The basis of an accurate diagnosis lies within complete anamnesis and assessment of the symptoms. The assessment of complaint diaries may isolate suspicious foods. As a result, the allergy trigger can be identified in a skin-prick test or prick-to-prick skin test. In some cases, blood sampling is necessary for further laboratory evaluation. Thereby allergies can be identified starting at newborn age.

Food intolerances are also often confused with food allergies. Since the diagnostic possibilities concerning food intolerances are complex, representative results are currently only available starting at school age. We are collaborating with the Allergy Center Vienna-West, as well as with the Gastroenterological Pediatric Outpatient Clinic (outpatient clinic for diseases of the digestive system) of Wilhelminen Hospital Vienna, in order to grant our patients access to these diagnostic tests and to provide the best possible support for them.

Dr. Mädel is specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of food allergies in young infants and toddlers. In addition to parental training, rapid diagnosis is necessary to avoid dietary mistakes and prevent long-time health issues. Therefore, a certified dietician is part of our team.

Many pediatric allergies such as cow’s milk protein allergy or egg allergy may vanish when children grow older. Often an oral food challenge is necessary to confirm or rule out an allergy. This procedure must be conducted in an emergency trained surrounding, therefore, hospital admission is necessary. Together with a colleague, Dr. Mädel is trained to personally conduct all pediatric oral food challenges at the Pediatric Department of the Wilhelminen Hospital Vienna.

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases in infants and toddlers. It is a chronic skin disorder that causes itching, eczema and dryness of the skin. Complications can arise from infection of the rashes by bacteria or fungi. In these cases, accurate diagnosis as well as quick and efficient therapy are important to avoid unnecessary suffering. Due to the fact that atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease, patients need regular supervision and review of therapeutic options to guarantee them proper results. Intensive care with sufficient time to discuss symptoms, triggers and coexisting circumstances are crucial for therapeutic success. Our private practice team offers time to discuss these issues in a relaxed atmosphere. By cooperating with dermatologists and dietologists, we aim to ensure the most individualized and personal treatment for all our patients.


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